Federico Franciosi, famous guitarist known as Ciosi, knew what would have become his greatest passion already at the age of 8. It was really in those years when he took in his hand his first guitar, and  he realized, from the very beginning, that a great love was born that could have fade away. At the age of 14 he began to play in different bands, with a preference for rock and blues. But it was when he started performing alone at the age of 20 that his career began. In fact Ciosi began to play his guitar as professional musician, working in a huge amount of places, hotel, restaurants, parties and marriages. During these exhibitions Ciosi collaborated with a lot of bands and musicians, but the collaborations however didn’t seem to be enough for this extraordinary artist and his thirst of knowledge for the music brought him at the age of 22 to study the acoustic guitar. In this field Ciosi primarily paid attention to the various styles that this tool offered like the rural blues, flatpicking, cross picking, floating, jump-string, improvisation jazz and harmony. In this complexity Ciosi tried to mix and melt all styles and techniques inserting these in his music and in his own executive style. At 23 he created and produced his “Ciosi one man band”, playing contemporarily three instruments in the folk music (guitar, harmonica and table neck, a tool to percussion played with the feet). This allowed him to bring his passion and his music in varied European countries as Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Holland, Czech Republic and even overseas in Argentina. At 24 years-old he recorded his first Italian pop music album titled “Buonavita”, which contains new songs and 2 covers. At the age of 27 his second album, this time folk pop, “Far Apart” which contains 5 originals. At 28 years he recorded his third folk pop album “Beautiful Infinity” which includes 5 originals. At 30 years old he began a in-depth study of flatpicking and of new compositions for acoustics guitar played with the plectrum. At the age of 31 he found the love of his life, Silvia. At 34 year-old he published his first album for acoustic guitar “My First Time”. One year later he set up and produced with his best friends and collaborators the first edition of the show for acoustic guitar “Acousticology” playing with the master of the flatpicking Beppe Gambetta and the bassista Davide Pezzin. In the second edition of “Acousticology” were added the Greek guitar duo “Greek Flatpickers”, the bass player Larry Mancini and the percussionist Sbibu. At 37 years-old he recorded his second acoustic guitar album “Into The Wild Session”, together with the musicians like Larry Mancini, Max Pizzano, Pier Brigo, Matteo  Valicella and Matteo Breoni. Besides also the third edition of “Acousticology” took place and he played with the guitarist Alberto Caltanella, the bass player Pier Brigo and the drummer Davide Moriggi and the percussionist Sbibu. At 38 years-old he organised the fourth edition of Acousticology playing with the world famous harpist Vincent Zitello and other artists. Today Ciosi keeps on playing anywhere the music is in the air, disclosing notes and sounds that can capture and totally conquer the belovers of good music. It seems to be really worth continuing to follow the music of this extraordinary artist to discover again and again his excellent and captivating art.


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