GBR full band, con Umberto Poli, Camilla Maina, Gianfranco Nasso, Stefano Prezzi, Maurizio Spandre

Gospel Book Revisited (GBR) was founded in Turin in 2014 and is made up of Camilla Maina (Voice), Umberto Poli (Guitar), Gianfranco Nasso (Bass) and Samuel Napoli (Drums). The name of the band immediately tells us the direction this project is going. The passion for afro-american music and its roots is indeed the catalyst between musicians with distant paths. Revision is taken as a method, a point of balance between philology and creativity. The live experience is a place in time in which the band dedicates its soul, or rather its paassion. This is especially true for a group inspired by American jam bands. But the initial idea of celebrating the great female performers of the African American tradition, renewing the classics, soon turned into a wider tribute to the blues. Rewriting accompanies writing, leading to the integration of the covers with original songs, and the energy and freedom of the stage are put to the test of the recording studio. “Won’t you keep me wild?”, almost a self-portrait in the form of an EP, comes after a period of rapid growth: “the devil and his music” trapped in the studio for a treatment of Rock, according to a playlist made up not only of revised and re-arranged standards but also of two unpublished originals written by the band.

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