Matteo Sansonetto is an eclectic and experienced musician, one of the busiest Bluesman of the Italian scene. His style is influenced by the sound of the Chicago Blues, with a soulful voice and a gritty guitar style that give to his music the typical taste of the West Side. Matteo shared the stage and the recording studios with many big international artists link Billy Branch, Omar Coleman, James Thompson, Enrico Crivellaro, Breezy Rodio, Lorenz Zadro, Pistol Pete, Carl Wyatt and Archie Lee Hooker. His journey from his birthplace and the USA made his style more and more sharpened. In summer 2014 in the Joy Ride Studio in Chicago, he recorded his last album with a lot of legends of the Blues scene like the guitarist Lurrie Bell, the organ players Chris Foreman and Roosevelt Purifoy, and longtime friends like Breezy Rodio, Brian Burke, Marty Binder, Jen Williams, Bill Overton and Doug Scharf.

In a lot of his national shows, Matteo Sansonetto and his Blues Revue confirms all the good things that emerged in the tracks of the CD “My Life Began To Change”, released by the US label Wind Chill Records. Always ready to joke and laughs, this bluesman transforms himself whenever he goes on a stage: Matteo becomes a “stage animal” made of grit and powerful guitar solos, building a great and intense show like in the best tradition of the Windy City Blues. This energetic approach to the blues was highlighted, for example, during 2016 summer tour with James “Boogaloo” Bolden, the historic trumpet player of B.B. King’s band. Matteo Sansonetto’s blues show is something that you must see at least once in your life: this is the Blues of Matteo Sansonetto Blues Revue, an emotional ride between the guitar and the leader’s voice, with the horns creating that typical pathos of the big bands and a rhythm section that holds up the sound.

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