The T-Roosters Blues Band is born from the love and passion of four musicians for African-American music, starting from its origins to modern times. For this reason,  Tiziano “Rooster” Galli – Guitars and Vocal, Lillo Rogati – Bass, Giancarlo “Silverhead” Cova – Drums and percussion and Marcus “Bold Sound” Tondo – Blues Harp, has been active on the italian blues scene and also overseas. Everything begun with the collaboration between Tiziano “Rooster” Galli and Paolo Cagnoni as author and co-author of all the songs on the Cd. They present a description of the world we live in, with intimate looks into the private feelings of both musician and listener. Our fears, our hopes, our loves and the uncertainties of everyday life became their songs. The group has always had one fundamental thread: the balance and union between music and lyrics. They tell the story of daily life, while at the same time they create a picture through the music of our emotions, and suggest some reflection on our living. The first Cd “Dirty Again” was a success, that brought them to USA. The International Blues Challenge in 2016, Memphis Tennessee, was a high point of growth, with enthusiastic answer from the crowd. There, in the homeland of the blues, where this music was born, they were accepted with open arms as a band with an international language that everyone understand. Their new work,  “Another Blues to Shout” was born by blending the groups respect for the traditional afroamerican sound with that of the Blues, Soul, R’&’B, Boogie and Southern MusicMississippi is naturally the sacred heart and point of reference of the Blues and therefore they added a touch of “hot sauce” and lots of southern spice. Another fundamental element is Tiziano’s voice, wich create the intense mood of Soul and suffering. “Another Blues to Shout” is the result of musical research exploring the roots of Soul while reworking the framework through the musician sensibility. It becomes a leap into tradition while staying in touch with the present and the future. The sound is deeply blues, with a look at the music of great past musicians. This artistic journey has lead to frequent live shows as well as T-Roosters many hours in the studio. And the new album, The Sunny Wine Session, has been released in 2019 and is already seen as a masterpiece! As Antonio Avalle writes on the Cd cover “music becomes an experience without precedence, seen through a rare form of the Blues, extracted from the world troubles”.
To look outside of this self-involved dimension created through music is never easy. Perhaps the only way is by offering the public something to reflect on and to identify with, regardless of nationality. Enjoy!

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